Me In A Nutshell

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, I knew I was destined to become a writer when I found it easier to make up stories for my less-than-acceptable behavior than to tell the truth. Luckily, I also learned the fine art of surviving publisher rejection since my mother rarely accepted my “stories.”

At Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, I honed my wordsmithing talent as a journalism major and English writing minor between ROTC maneuvers and Shakespeare performances. Thank you, Captain Bostelman, for telling me that I shot straighter with my typewriter than my M16, and Dr. Albert Labriola, for sharing his valuable insight regarding my “line-backer-in-waiting” role in Twelfth Night.

Graduation brought a move to South Florida for my first professional writing job at First Marketing Corporation. Between writing about checking accounts and asset reallocation, I gained valuable insight into how word choice, sentence mechanics, and grammar capture reader attention. I also learned a left-brain environment wasn’t the best place for this right-brain creative to flourish. Right, Marjorie?

On to Atlanta, GA, where between freelance writing assignments and baby spit up, I began committing to paper the many stories I’d written in my head. Of course, writing them for family and friends to read was one thing, wrangling a spot on a publishing house’s roster another. Rejections be damned! I will become an author.

Now I have a new location—Utah—a new salvation—cycling—and a new vocation—full-time indie author. It’s gonna be a wild ride!

Join me!